Sandhya Aunty - Dengulata Boothu Kathalu

Wednesday, 8 December 2010
  Primary peritoneal cancer or carcinoma is also known as: serous surface papillary carcinoma, primary peritoneal carcinoma, extra-ovarian serous carcinoma, primary serous papillary carcinoma, psammomacarcinoma. It was historically classifed under "carcinoma of unknown primary" (CUP). ("PPCa") is a cancer of the cells lining the peritoneum, or abdominal cavity.Some studies indicate that up to 15% of serous ovarian cancers are thought to be actually primary peritoneal carcinomas in origin. Histomorphological and molecular biological characteristics suggest that serous carcinomas, which include ovarian serous carcinoma, uterine serous carcinoma, Fallopian tube serous carcinoma, cervical serous carcinoma, and primary peritoneal serous carcinoma really represent one entity.